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A live auction of: The original acetate copy of the first
Velvet Underground album,
The Velvet Underground and Nico, from 1966.

Velvet Underground side 1 lable

Track listing and sequence:

1. European Son
2. Black Angel's Death Song
3. All Tomorrow's Parties
4. I'll Be Your Mirror
5. Heroin
6. Femme Fatale
7. Venus In Furs
8. I'm Waiting For The Man
9. Run Run Run

Velvet Underground side 2 lable

Making Music History

Historic in every way, the rare Velvet Underground and Nico acetate is back on the market. As the only surviving copy of the record, this album has it all: a rich history and an incredible sound.  

The Recording

In April 1966, Velvet Underground recorded the test-press acetate with Norman Dolph — a sales executive at Columbia Records — at Scepter Studios in New York City. Andy Warhol, who was managing Velvet Underground at the time, had recently befriended Dolph, and went to him when the band was looking for a studio. Dolph helped the band land studio time at Scepter Studios. And, he made a deal with Warhol: Warhol would paint him one original painting and he would ghost-produce the project. The band worked with Dolph over several days in the studio. During those sessions, Velvet Underground recorded some of their most famous tracks:  

European Son
Black Angel's Death Song
All Tomorrow's Parties
I'll Be Your Mirror
Femme Fatale
Venus In Furs
I'm Waiting For The Man
Run Run Run

After Warhol and Dolph pitched the album to Columbia Records, Columbia rejected it. Eventually, in 1967, Verve Records released a re-recording of the album with Tom Wilson as the official producer. Since then, the album has become one of the most influential rock albums in history. It appears as No. 13 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time.  

Making History

Almost 50 years later, the original recording is still making history. In 2002, collector Warren Hill stumbled upon the Scepter Sessions acetate at a street sale in New York. He bought it for 75 cents. Hill researched the delicate acetate's history and determined its true value. He then listed the acetate on eBay, knowing that he had something truly valuable to sell. While the initial auction had a closing bid of $155,401, the bidder never finalized the transactio. Hill then re-listed the record and an anonymous investor bought it for $25,200. A limited edition pressing of 5,000 was released on Black Friday/Record Store Day of 2012, supposedly made from Moe Tucker's copy of the acetate.

Back on Auction

In July 2014, the rare Velvet Underground acetate will be for sale again. Shuga Records—a high-quality Chicago record store that specializes in one-of-a-kind items—is conducting an online auction on behalf of the record's owner.

Auction details:

An online auction to sell the rare Velvet Underground and Nico acetate
When: Auction Start Date is July 18th, 2014. End Date July 28th, 2014.
Where: We are conducting the auction through our eBay – Shuga Records Store
How: The auction will be open only to pre-approved bidders once the bidding hits $25,000. To get pre-approved early, call us at (773) 521.9060.

eBay has made it possible for the Shuga Records eBay Store to successfully operate as one of the largest online record stores in the world.

In the News

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Media Artifacts

In honor of the history of the original acetate recorded by the Velvet Underground in 1966, Office of Johnston and Shuga Records created fifty-five high quality media artifacts.

Hand crafted by Office of Johnston from specially sourced walnut, this wooden 'LP' features a replica label from the Velvet Underground & Nico acetate. It is accented with letterpress prints created on a Vandercook printing press, which was common when the Velvets made their legendary recording.

To find out more about this media artifact, contact Office of Johnston at correspond@officeofjohnston.com.

Office Of Johnston Velvet Underground Media Artifact Box side A / insert

Office Of Johnston Velvet Underground Media Artifact insert

Office Of Johnston Velvet Underground Media Artifact Box side B